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Xero Accounting

The NEW Offline SmartBank Cashbook Bank Manager is now also working beautifully with Xero Accounting!

Xero Accounting cashbook capturing is now so much easier, quicker and seamless with:

  • Importing, editing, Auto Allocating & reconciling
  • Going back years with old history is so easy to Import
  • Mapping & Edit 000s of transactions instantaneously
  • Working offline is so easy when the internet is SLOW!!

Lets walk you through how the new SmartBank takes Xero Accounting manual Cashbook processing to the next level….!

For more information via a 14 page PDF walkthrough - Click HERE

  • See step by step notes – Click HERE

  • Importing Cash Book transactions into Xero Accounting from SmartBank is very Easy!!

    "Using SmartBank as the “Xero off-line Cashbook” works beautifully!

    All SmartBank needs is for Xero to export General Ledger, Customers, Suppliers Master File databases out of Xero and then import these 3 files into SmartBank as simply summarised below:

    1) Just export the General Ledger, Customers & Supplier from Sage One & import into Sage One

    2) Import into SmartBank & complete the cashbook as usual

    3) Then offline in SmartBank, carry on as usual by:
          - Importing the bank statement file into SmartBank
          - Map, Auto Allocate, edit and reconcile the transactions offline in SmartBank

    4) Then after editing and reconciling offline in SmartBank. Click on “Export” the reconciled transactions as a CSV file into the “C:/SMARTBANK/SAGEONE folder inside SmartBank

    5) Then just open your Company in Sage Business online and go into the CashBook and click on “Import”, find the CSV file exported from SmartBank, and import the CSV file seamlessly into the Sage One CashBook!

    For help and more information, give us a ring and we will give you a FREE TeamViewer or AnyDesk demo.

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