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Pastel Accounting - Partner and Xpress - All versions

SmartBank integrates extremely well with ALL VERSIONS of PASTEL PARTNER and Xpress from V9(2007) to V18(2018)

SmartBank Imports Bank Statements into ALL VERSION of Sage Pastel Partner & Xpress Accounting packages
SmartBank Bank Manager makes it easy to download, Auto Allocate & Reconcile the bank statements and then export the reconciled bank statements straight into ALL versions or Pastel Partner and Xpress accounting packages.

SmartBank Bank Manager is a fantastic Bank Statement Bank Manager software module that is an amazing alternative to the Sage Pastel Bank Manager software accounting add on module. (SmartBank Bank manager is ideal for Pastel Xpress Version 18 (2018) and BOTH Pastel Xpress and Partner versions as the Pastel Bank Manager software better alternative package! Just try it!!

Just Download an electronic bank statement, map the bank transactions to the correct accounts and use the many unique features including Auto Allocating of Recurring and Split transactions and lots more!

Use SmartBank Bank Manager as an easier, better and much less expensive alternative to the Pastel Bank Manager add-on module

Eliminate the process of manually capturing transactions from your PDF bank statement and rather download the online OFC, OFX or CSV files from your online bank account and rather just "Import" thousands of transactions into your your accounting package cashbook in a few seconds as easy as 123...

Then just Auto Allocate or map the recurring transactions, Split and Edit the remaining transactions and then "Export the reconciled bank statement into your accounting package in less than 10% of the TIME the same process would have taken if done manually! You can now write up a cashbook (import, edit, reconcile and export) in less an hour that used to take 2 to 3 days to complete!

The SmartBank Bank Manager runs beautifully with ALL VERSIONS of Sage Pastel Accounting Partner and Xpress from versions V9 (2007) to V18 (2018)


SmartBank verses Pastel Software (All Partner and Xpress versions)

SmartBank runs for ALL Pastel Partners and Xpress versions from 2004 (V7) to 2019 (V19) and:

  • Reads ALL the Pastel ledger accounts, vat and more
  • No Pastel upgrades required
  • No Pastel Support contract required

SmartBank has the following features that Pastel Bank Manager does NOT currently have including:

  • Auto SPLITS and Allocates unlimited saved recurring transactions that need to be SPLIT into multiple accounts
  • Can Split 100 into 500 split and allocated transactions immediately on import
  • Not available on Pastel

  • SmartBank has built in Bank file Import and Export Assistant
  • Keeps an independent HISTORY of ALL transactions imported for:
    • Easy search and Lookup
    • Detailed Reporting
  • SmartBank has a special DATE RANGE export facility that allows to select a DATE RANGE inside the batch imported
  • Copy & Paste Account numbers
  • Pastel cannot copy accounts numbers
  • Access multiple cash books at same time
  • Pastel requires to finish the whole Cashbook before a 2nd Cashbook can be processed
  • Can Untick and NOT delete transaction not required Export
  • Pastel can only DELETE  a transactions
  • Then the Transactions are lost and cannot be re-imported
  • SmartBank is also a lot better priced at R2450 for a 2 user network (Pastel R4900) with only R1800 in 2nd year
  • SmartBank also comes with FREE:
  • 30 day trial version
  • Built in Help
  • Website “help” downloads and video support


  • Other Vat features:
    • SmartBank accommodates the new 15% VAT easily
    • Vat amounts – calculated by SmartBank to assist with Vat codes used
    • Settlement Discounts can be entered either:
      • In SmartBank
      • In the Pastel cashbook after importing from SmartBank
      • Through a Pastel journal
    • Settlement Discount Vat
      • Code
      • Amount – calculated by SmartBank to assist with Vat codes used
    • Find and Replace – Easy to Change Auto Allocation (Mapping) Vat types and more
    • Find and Search – Easy to look up old allocations and more
    • Import CSV file, Edit and Export to Excel, re-edit and re-import again


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Download a SmartBank Free 30 day Trial – Please Click HERE

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